Release of VPL 1.1

The VPL development team is proud to announce the public release of VPL 1.1, the second stable version of VPL. This new release add many improves and fixes some errors.

  • The listing of submissions has been improved by allowing sort by different fields.
  • The editor page has been adapted for diferent browsers.
  • The requiered files initial content are show in the activity description page.
  • The requiered files now can be download from the description page.
  • The students, in the editor page, can reset the files to the initial content provided by the teacher.
  • The list of VPL activities can be filtered by diferent criteria.
  • The list of VPL activities can be sorted by diferent fields.
  • Two new columns has been added to the listing of VPL activities: number of submissions and number of graded submissions.
  • A new capability "setjails" has been added to control the module. Users with this capability can configure local jail servers for every VPL activity. This jail servers setting can be shared with other instances using "based on" execution feature.
  • Now, the number of failed attempts is show when you enter the password to access an activity.

This version is backware compatible with the 1.0. The upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.1 occurs without changes in the databases.