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Basic downloads

The system is formed by three components: the Moodle module, the jail daemon system and the editor. Moodle module is distributed in source format and includes the editor already compiled. The jail system is distributed in source format and needs to be compiled for installation. The code editor is distributed alone in source format and compiled in the Moodle module.

To install the Moodle module or the jail daemon system you must follow the instruction at the installation pages. It may be easier get the preconfigured LiveCD than install your own jail system (see next section).

LiveCD with preconfigured jail system

The secure way to have a jail service is to use a dedicated machine (real or virtual). We have prepare a LiveCD to facilitate the installation of jail-server system. We recommend to use a virtual machine because you can take a snapshot and when you want revert the machine to an initial state.

The LiveCD is an Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS with jail daemon 1.2 instaled and running and the following software:

  1. expect
  2. gcc 4.4.3 (C)
  3. gdb 7.1 (Debuger)
  4. gfortran 4.4 (Fortran)
  5. gnat 4.4 (Ada)
  6. gpc-4.1 (Pascal)
  7. g++ 4.4.3 (C++)
  8. hugs. september 2006 (Haskell 98)
  9. junit 3.8.1 and 4.8.1
  10. mono 2.4.4 (C#)
  11. mzscheme 4.2.1 (Scheme)
  12. octave 3.2.3
  13. OpenJDK 1.6.0_20 (Java 6)
  14. Perl 5.10.1
  15. PHP 5.3.2
  16. Python 2.6.5
  17. Ruby 1.8
  18. swipl 5.8 (Prolog)
  19. Valgrind 3.6.0

The LiveCD is distributed as an iso file. You can use it to test a jail server with zero configuration or install it in a machine.

To install the LiveCD into a machine follow this steps:

  1. Boot the machine with the LiveCD.
  2. Select live at the start menu.
  3. Run "startx" at the command line. Don't worry about the errors displayed, they are errors because the desktop software is not fully installed.
  4. Go to system->Administration menu and select "Install RELEASE". use "12345678" as password to start the installation.

The vlp-xmlrpc-jail is accessible on port 52000. The vlp-xmlrpc-jail service is set for answering requests from any machine, to change this you must modify the "/etc/xinetd.d/vpl-xmlrpc-jail" configuration file (see jail system configuration page).