Change log

VPL module 1.3 (10/01/2011)

  • Added "example" a new type of activity used to show programs running.
  • Files from "Requested files" and "Execution files" can be downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • Renamed JavaScript function to avoid name collision
  • Fixed error that generates a 4 seg delay when running in console.
  • Fixed coding error transferring compilation and execution to the editor
  • Fixed HTML syntax highlighter for shell script
  • Reduced recent activity report for teachers to one action per user.
  • Fixed default values in global module configuration.
  • Added grouping controls to activity configuration
  • Fixed automatic activity show when "Visible description from" or "Available from" reached
  • Fixed xml/rpc error when you select to "keep when running" all files.
  • Fixed some minor text error.
  • It uses the new 1.0.3 ACodeEditor version that adds a workaround for Java 6.0_22 error.

ACodeEditor 1.0.3 (5/01/2011)

  • Added support for readonly files
  • Added workaround for Java 6.0_22 error.

VPL jail system 1.1 (10/01/2011)

  • Added Ubuntu support (scripts to install and service)
  • Fixed lack of include files for Ububtu compilation
  • Removed some warning reported by  g++ 4.4


VPL module 1.2 (14/09/2010)

  • Fixed "run in console" error that generate a timeout problem (returned to 1.0 behavior).
  • Fixed unit test error
  • Change some english text
  • Added information about severs to the "No jail server available" message
  • Fixed HTML syntax highlighter for C and Scheme
  • Added HTML syntax highlighter for Fortran77, Pascal and Prolog
  • Compiled ACodeEditor updated to 1.0.2

ACodeEditor 1.0.2 (14/09/2010)

  • Fixed syntax highlighter for C and Scheme