Compilers and interpretes in jail system

List of compilers and interpretes in image


LanguageFile name
Ada ada, adb, ads X X gnat (Ada 2005)/gdb Use first file as main
C c X X gcc C99/gdb Compile all source files
C++ cpp, C X X g++/gdb Compile all source files
C# cs X X gmcs+mono/mdb Compile all soruce files
Fortran f, f77 X X gfortran/gdb Compile all source files
Haskell hs X   hugs Run first file
Java java X X javac+java/jdb Compile all source files.
Locate main file
Matlab/Octave m X - matlab, octave Run first file.
Use vpl_replot after drawing.
Pascal pas, p X X gpc/gdb Compile all source files
Perl perl, prl X X perl Run first file.
PHP php X - php5 Run first file.
Prolog pl, pro X - swipl Run first file.
Python py X X python Run first file.
Ruby rb X X ruby Run first file.
Scheme scm, s X - mzscheme Run first file.
Shell script sh X - bash Run first file.
SQL sql X - sqlite3 Run all source files.
First execution files
VHDL vhd, vhdl X - ghdl Compile all source files, the first must have the Main method.