Release of VPL execution server 2.2.2

This Execution Server is the companion of VPL for Moodle, the plugin of Moodle that handle computer programming activities.

The new version 2.2.2 came with new features and improve or fix others. The main changes are:

  • Fixes bug in daemon compilation shown in debian 9.
  • Fixes problem with empty host name creating SSL certificate in installation
  • Adds pre_start and post_stop hack points in start stop daemon script
  • Changes log level setting from command line to the configuration file /etc/vpl/vpl-jail-system.conf.
    The new configuration parameter is LOGLEVEL, value goes from 0 to 8.
    Value 8 don't remove user home dir allowing the use of
  • Adds acceleration to the start-up of GUI programs in VNC server
    Before executing GUI programs in a VNC server the directory /etc/vncaccel is copied to the user's home directory. The directory /etc/vncaccel must content the result of a previous program execution, including fonts, cached files and configuration files. This avoid the slow process of first program start. To populate the /etc/vncaccel directory you can:
    • Set the server to LOGLEVEL 8 and restart the service
    • In VPL, run a GUI program or debug the file "a.all"
    • Run the script in the server given the real full path to the user's home directory last used.
    • Set the server to LOGLEVEL 0 and restart the service
      The previous process must be replay if you update the used programs. e.g. Java, Firefox, etc.

This version has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04, Debian 9.1 and Centos 7.

Known issues

  • The last versions of Firefox used on Ubuntu has problems running in some VNC server. The workaround is to keep using the version 52 or lower, or use other Linux distribution.
  • In CentOS, if the ENVPATH is not set in the configuration file, the execution fails.