Release of VPL 3.2

The development team of Virtual Programming Laboratory (VPL) for Moodle presents the 3.2 version of this plugin.

Changes from VPL 3.1.X

  • Supports of binary files
  • Improved the default scripts to run, debug and evaluate programming languages
  • Selection of ws or wss protocol has been moved to the client side
  • New edit features

New edit features

  • Supports of keyboard shortcuts in editor
  • List of keyboard shortcuts in "About"
  • Added support for clipboard in text console allowing copy and paste.
  • Added support for clipboard in VNC client. Available if using TigerVNC server.
  • Removed the size limits of VNC client
  • Added panel of list of files
  • Supports uploading by dropping files
  • Supports of decompression of zip files
  • Shows image files
  • Shows countdown of time remaining
  • Added support for tablets and mobiles in editor and console allowing the use of virtual keyboard (keyboard in screen)
  • Added support for comments in submissions
  • Used new version of ACE editor, including auto-completion feature.
  • Tested in Moodle 3.2 and Boost theme
  • Added script to check all supported languages (using ".all" extension)