Release of VPL Jail System 2.7.0

VPL Jail System 2.7.0

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More details in the version 2.7.0 manual

Release notes

his release notes decribe the changes included in this release from version 2.6.0.


The new version moves the location of programs and script from the directory "/etc/vpl" to directory "/usr/sbin/vpl" and the location of log files from the directory "/etc/vpl" to directory "/var/log/vpl". Resolves issue #45.

The installer adds MiniZinc and Groovy to the development software and renames Python to Python2.


The installer ask if you want to install the kotlin command line compiler. You must introduce a kotlin version number to download and install it. See Kotlin home page for getting the version number.

Note: At this moment VPL-Jail-System does not support Kotlin distributes using Snap


Adds new parameter to control limits of data in request and evaluation result, REQUEST_MAX_SIZE and RESULT_MAX_SIZE.