Release of VPL Jail System 2.7.2

VPL Jail System 2.7.2

Download VPL Jail System 2.7.2

More details in the version 2.7.2 manual


Release notes

This is a bug-fix release of version 2.7.1 with small improvements.

  • This release includes a workaround to a problem with the limits of int in the XMLRPC protocol (the protocol uses int32). This problem avoids setting a memory size or file size larger than the maximum int32 value. A full solution to this problem requires modifications in the Moodle plugin side. This temporal workaround switches the size limit to the jail server local size limit when the problem is found.
  • Uses long long int to represent memory a file size.
  • The installer includes the tool bc and new modules when installing python3: mypy, pycodestyle, and pydocstyle.
  • The system checks for a change in the SSL certificate, reloading it if changed. This allows updating certificates without stopping the service.