Release of VPL 1.1

The VPL development team is proud to announce the public release of VPL 1.1, the second stable version of VPL. This new release add many improves and fixes some errors.

Server migration

Today at 6 pm (GMT) the server migration from CentOS to Ubuntu has been completed. This migration will solve the connection problems we have suffered.

Demo site

A demo site for VPL module at is available. You can test the VPL module funcionalities without installing any software. The site has two courses, one to check this kind of activity as student and another to play as teacher, allowing to create and configure new VPL activities.

Version 2.0.3

You are using the latest version of VPL for Moodle 2

Thanks for using VPL.

This is the home page of VPL (Virtual Programming Lab for Moodle), here you can get more information about this software.

Release of VPL 1.0b9

The VPL development team is proud to announce the release of VPL 1.0b9 version. This version include many fixes and new features.